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DS 9 – the prettiest PHEV sedan on the market?

DS Automobiles is a marque first introduced in 2009 as a sub-brand. In 2015, though, it became a standalone brand. They always intended to be a “premium” brand per se, but they could never really do that while being a part of PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroen, Opel…)
In May 2018, the French brand stated that it will only be producing PHEVs and BEVs starting from 2025. This is a big step forward, but not as big as some of the brands that announced going full electric by that time, such as Jaguar.

DS 9 is an executive sedan that should have been presented at Auto Guangzhou and then Geneva Motor Show, but it was all canceled. It is built on the EMP2 modular platform, a technology that newer Peugeots and Citroens have also integrated.

DS 9 PHEV – what’s in it?

The sedan is offered in two variants – turbo gasoline 1.6 and E-TENSE PHEV (Hybrid) version that has a petrol engine combined with an electric motor unit. In this review, we decided to talk about the latter, which offers the following:

  • 225 hp RWD / 250 hp RWD / flagship 360 hp AWD – versions available
  • top speed of 135 km/h
  • 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds
  • 11.9 kWh battery with the electric range of 40-50km (25-30 mi) WLTP
  • dimensions LxWxH – 4,930mm x 1,855mm x 1,460mm

As for the production of this vehicle, it will be done solely in China. DS 9 has a total of five driving modes, offering a fun ride any way you go. That’s going to be supplemented by regenerative braking, extending the range of the battery, and being more economic overall.

Headlights of DS 9 are not just pretty to look at. They are also sophisticated. DS ACTIVE LED VISION offers six headlight modes, that adjust depending on the weather conditions. Flush door handles allow the car to keep its swift lines from the sides, and appear only when you need them. Keyless entry and start are something this car is good at – when you’re in a 3-meter diameter from it, it will turn the lights on. At 1.5 meters of distance, the vehicle unlocks itself and flushes the fitting door handles.

A look at the interior

The DS 9 boasts a wide and comfortable cockpit thanks to its long 2.89-meter wheelbase. The sleek center armrest in the back, made of Nappa leather, is equipped with USB connections and controls the massage and heating features. The interior is elegant, following the diamond pattern that produces a calm energy throughout. There is a stunning timepiece located above the infotainment screen, that has a backlit metal front with chiseled chrome embossed strips, adding to the whole experience of the vehicle.

The cockpit has a 12-inch intelligent screen that is fully customizable and offers a variety of functions such as DS DRIVE ASSIST and DS NIGHT VISION. The main infotainment screen is of the same size, but equipped with functionality of the media, interior controls as well as consumption of the car, connectivity of the phone and so on.

The laminated glass with an acoustic layer, which was designed by specialists, combines with a hard-bonded bodyshell to remove any vibrations and offer tranquil, stress-free rides. The FOCAL Electra® sound system and its 14 speakers highlight the tremendous technical expertise, delivering a sound of unrivaled purity.

DS Intelligent Features

DS DRIVE ASSIST positions the vehicle perfectly in its lane, scanning its surroundings and keeping a safe distance from the car in front of it.

DS PARK PILOT offers autonomous parking. DS 9 will locate the parking spot, all you have to do is keep the Park button pressed for a couple of seconds and then let the car do its part.

DS NIGHT VISION uses an infra-red camera integrated into the grille of the car, capable of detecting pedestrians and animals up to 100 meters in front. If something is detected, the monitor will ping with either a yellow or a red signal, depending on the distance of the target. With it, you can anticipate the danger and react accordingly.

DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING keeps track of parameters revealing the concentration of the person behind the wheel. There is another infra-red camera above the steering wheel that constantly monitors the driver’s eyes. If the system notices something unusual, it will automatically play an audible alert and a warning flashes up on the central screen.

DS ACTIVE LED VISION provides the car with intelligent LED units that move, depending on the speed of the car, the angle of the steering wheel and different weather conditions. The headlights have six different modes that adapt to the aforementioned instances.

Price and Final Word

DS 9 colors offered

DS 9 will come in two package options – Performance Line and Rivoli. Prices for all the electric variants of this vehicle can be found below.

E-TENSE 4×4 360 HP PERFORMANCE LINE 63,600 eur
E-TENSE 225 HP RIVOLI57,800 eur
E-TENSE 4×4 360 RIVOLI 67,200 eur

When looking at the competition, DS 9 won’t have an easy time – there’s BMW 5 Series, Tesla Model 3, BYD Han among others. Besides that, ratings for this vehicle from other popular car portals are not in favor of the brand. Will they be able to make up for this? Stay tuned.

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