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vw id 4 blue

VW ID 4 - our favorite SUV pick

Follow the button below to see what our team had to say about this model.

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mercedes benz eqe ev gray

Mercedes Benz EQE 400 - a bold and innovative design

With competitors left and right, design can not be neglected when it comes to premium models. In this post, we decided to review Mercedes EQE.

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ford mustang mach e white

Ford Mustang Mach-E under robot tests at Ford’s Weather Factory

Located in Cologne, Germany, Ford’s Weather Factory simulates a range of real-world extreme conditions, helping company save time and resources. Earlier this year the US automaker announced it’s goal of selling only electric vehicles in Europe by 2030. This technology will allow them to move to that goal faster.

Human tests can be much tougher on some of these conditions, especially at extreme altitudes. Therefore, Ford decided to go with two robots instead. These simulations are realistic, ensuring that the drivers can rely on vehicle endurance under different conditions. From Sahara Desert, Siberia, and atop the tallest Alpine peaks.
Robots inside the factory are able to operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C as well as at extreme altitudes – and can be set up and programmed for different driving styles.

Ford is not stopping here, and it continues to conduct real-world testing in European locations: from the Grossglockner mountain in Austria and the snowy Arjeplog region in Sweden.

This is what Frank Seelig, Supervisor at Ford had to say about the two robots used on the test:

“These two new drivers are fantastic additions to the team, as they can take on the challenging endurance tests at high altitudes and in hot temperatures. Once the robot is in the driver’s seat, we can run tests through the night without ever having to worry that the driver will need a sandwich or a bathroom break.”

More information can be found of Ford’s blog post, or at the video below:

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