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GAC Aion LX Plus announces a range of over 1000 km

GAC is a vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong, a southern part of China. Working through both home and foreign vehicle brands, GAC has diversified its business, allowing it to become China’s sixth-largest manufacturer. It sells vehicles under 4 different brands, out of which Aion specializes in electric vehicles.

Gac Aion LX
Gac Aion LX – taken from IFWorld

Aion currently has 4 vehicles on the market. Two of them belong to the SUV class. In this article, we are touching on the most prominent one, the GAC Aion LX Plus.

According to an article coming from CnEVPost, through China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Aion’s LX Plus EV has reached the product announcement stage (MIIT).
The final major regulatory step that a car must go through before becoming offered to Chinese customers is product announcement.

Some new specifications for Aion’s LX SUV Plus have been included on MIIT’s product announcement website page. A 144.4 kWh ternary lithium battery pack with a 205 Wh/kg energy density and an NEDC range of 1,008 km (626 miles) is included.

The battery pack on the LX Plus is perhaps most intriguing because it will give more energy and range in the same size pack as the current LX model. Ostensibly, this can be done through a silicon sponge negative cell battery technology, something that was revealed to the public in April this year.

Gac Aion LX interior
Gac Aion LX interior

The range of this electric vehicle may be increased from 650 km to 1,008 km by incorporating new technologies into the present battery pack volume of the GAC Aion LX.

The current Aion LX comes in 5 different trims, starting from $39,000 for the entry-level all the way up to $54,600 for the highest trim available. If GAC keeps its word and delivers 1000km of range, we can expect a starting price of around $42,000-$45,000. The Aion LX Plus is expected to be launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 19, with further information and price to follow.

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