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Genesis GV60 2022 targets wireless EV charging

Just when you think we’re at the pinnacle of technology, new stuff gets invented. As most of the EV companies battle primarily for who’s has got the fastest charging capabilities, Genesis has got some other plans. Per Green Car Reports, The Genesis GV60 — the Hyundai luxury brand’s first dedicated electric vehicle that’s due next year — is looking to be the first model that will offer electric vehicles with original-equipment wireless charging.

They will first incorporate testing of the wireless charging on the GV60, and it is not certain if markers other than South Korea will offer wireless charging. Either way, if Genesis pushes with the plan, we expect the leaders of the industry, such as Tesla, Volkswagen, and similar to follow.

It’s suspected that the company behind this technology – lithium-ion battery charging when parked over a magnetized plate – comes from the US-based startup WiTricity.

We’ve seen some other companies messing with the wireless charging technology, such as the BMW with their model 5, but none of these have made it to the markets.

wireless ev charging bmw
BMW wireless charging pad

2020 McLaren Speedtail Hyper-GT is the only vehicle (hypercar, that is) that relies solely on wireless charging. More information in regards to the technology can be found on this link.

As for some additional information on the GV60, we can assume that it will have a battery of over 70kWh, as we’ve seen with some of the other Korean car models: 77.4kWh on both Hyundai IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6. The exterior looks okay, not as flashy and luxurious as some other models that Genesis has, such as G80.

Even when this technology gets developed and pushed to the markets, it will take a lot of iterations before it becomes state of the art. We assume it’s going to be slower than the regular charging, currently in practice, at least in the beginning.

Either way, it is a niche product, that allows for innovation, and market monopoly. What do you think of wireless charging?

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