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VW ID 4 - our favorite SUV pick

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Mercedes Benz EQE 400 - a bold and innovative design

With competitors left and right, design can not be neglected when it comes to premium models. In this post, we decided to review Mercedes EQE.

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IONITY receives a €700 Million investment – 5000 chargers by 2025

IONITY is a fast-charging network that originates from Europe as a joint venture between a few car giants including BMW Group, Volkswagen Group and Ford. It is one of the most developed EV charging networks, with coverage in 24 European countries, offering up to 350 kW DC fast charging speeds at some of its points. Check all of the charging points of IONITY at the link here.

In Munich, on November the 24th, IONITY announced a 700 million investment from its shareholders combined with BlackRock Global Renewable Power Platform.

This investment will help IONITY grow and expand its network across Europe, while also enhancing the consumer charging experience.
It will allow IONITY to more than quadruple the number of high-power 350kW charging outlets to 7,000 by 2025. The new charging stations will be located not only on highways but also near major cities and along important thoroughfares.

The current network consists of almost 400 stations with over 1,500 individual fast chargers. IONITY claims it plans to buy lands, create and maintain service stations, and possibly convert its charging stations from a few chargers in a parking lot to full-fledged stations. The mere addition of more stations and charges isn’t the sole solution. While the old charging stations were exclusively located on highways and key routes, the new batch would also include locations in major cities and along popular trunk roads.

“The new charging points will be situated not only on motorways, but also near major cities and along busy trunk roads. Future locations will be built with a higher average of six to twelve charging points. Furthermore, existing sites along routes with high charging demand will be upgraded with additional charging points. These measures will enhance the customers’ charging experience and make sure that the IONITY network is prepared for the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging.”

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