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KG Torres EVX unveiled – starting at €35,000, up to 500km of range

The KG Group, a sizable industrial conglomerate founded in 2003 by Kwak Jae-Sun, CEO of SsangYong, initially engaged in chemicals and fertilizer, gained its controlling interest in November 2022. In the following years, Chairman Kwak amassed a loose and complicated collection of KG (“Korean Green”) enterprises through various mergers and acquisitions, the largest of which is its core KG Chemical company and KG Steel.

Recently, SsangYong was renamed KG Mobility, and the business is seeking a new beginning. With the new all-electric 4×4 and a new identity, KG Mobility hopes to amaze customers with capable 4×4 vehicles at reasonable rates now that its debt reorganization is complete.

KG Torres EVX
KG Torres EVX – visit official website

KG Torres EVX is neither KG Mobility’s first nor only electric vehicle. The honor belongs to the SsangYong team’s Korando e-Motion creation. Yet because the Torres EVX is a brand-new car built on a brand-new platform, it signifies a new beginning for the business.

The Torres EVX has around the same length as the Tesla Model Y at 4.7 meters, although it is 10 centimeters taller.

The drivetrain of KG Torres EVX is rather intriguing. It is powered by a single electric motor with a 150 kW (200 hp) peak output, and the energy is stored in a 73.4 kWh LFP battery pack provided by BYD. Powertrains with front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive are supported by the new platform. Although the Torres EVX can travel 500 km on a single charge, according to KG Mobility, the actual range is likely to be 420 km.

A dual-screen display in the interior is pretty similar to the one found in the Hyundai Ioniq 6. The EVX has auto-braking, lane-keeping, and a departure combination as part of its safety features. The tire pressure monitor system is also standard, and the driver’s attention is constantly observed.

Compared to other electric cars on the market, that isn’t a lot of technology. Torres EVX may be straightforward, but it appears solid, and if the 4×4 drivetrain lives up to what we’ve come to expect from the erstwhile SsnagYong, it will be well-liked by many. With a target price of €35,000 before any incentives, the company intends on marketing it in Europe, where it would be quite popular.

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