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Kia EV5 Concept unveiled – an elegant crossover SUV that dictates the future

Kia revealed the EV5 electric SUV concept as part of its efforts to extend its EV products and strengthen its position in the zero-emissions vehicle industry. The EV5 concept is a preview of Kia’s next all-electric production SUV, which will be released later this year.

Kia EV5 Electric
Kia EV9

Kia is a brand that has completely reinvented itself in the new electric car era. For long years, the carmaker has experimented with environmentally friendly transportation solutions, launching models like the Soul EV in 2014.

The new Kia EV5 SUV was unveiled at Kia Chinese EV Day.

The Kia EV5 Concept takes influence from the contrast and complementarity of natural landscapes and man-made architecture. It is designed to inspire our customers on every journey, while providing sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. Created for those who seek inventive new ideas, the SUV brings together emotional form language with innovative, user-focused interior architecture.

– Karim Habib Executive Vice President, and Head of Kia Global Design Center. 

The EV5 will be a smaller electric crossover alternative to the widely anticipated EV9 SUV. It’s hard to convey a sense of size from the photographs, however it will be two rows rather than three.

Kia has not released any details, but it is expected to ride on the same 800V E-GMP platform as other upcoming Hyundai and Kia automobiles, giving high-range capabilities, rapid charging, and V2L.

A completely flat floor and spacious interior create a symbiotic space where nature, people and technology are in harmony. The interior of Kia EV5, combined with design themes of healing, nurturing and recharging, provides the perfect environment for occupants to relax.  

The interior is futuristic, with swivel seats (similar to the EV9) and a spacious interior that Kia claims creates a “space of coexistence” with nature, people, and technology. However, some features are unlikely to make it to production.

Kia Motors will release the EV5 production model first in China later this year, with plans for global markets “coming soon.” Kia EV5 follows the EV6 as part of Kia’s recent expansion into China. 

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