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VW ID 4 - our favorite SUV pick

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Mercedes Benz EQE 400 - a bold and innovative design

With competitors left and right, design can not be neglected when it comes to premium models. In this post, we decided to review Mercedes EQE.

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Lucid Air priorities – range or performance

A few days ago, on Lucid’s official Instagram page, they shared a couple of images with their CEO, Peter Rawlinson. And on all of them, he was holding four fingers up. Lucid asked its fans if they could guess what those four fingers meant. Now they’ve finally announced it: one of the models will have 1111 horsepower!

lucid air peter rawlinson

Namely, Lucid declared that the exclusive Air Dream Edition model will be sold in two versions: Performance and Range.

The Performance model will offer 1111 horsepower with 0 to 60 mp/h in under 2.5 seconds. The Range model, however, will come with 993 horsepower, and over 500 miles of range. EPA ranges for these vehicles are not available yet, however, Lucid tested these models on their own. They drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco at highway speeds, and at the end of the trip they had some range left. The trip took 445 miles, and upon arrival, cars displayed 30 miles left (for Performance) and 72 miles left (for Range) model. That accounts for a total of 475 miles (765km) and 517 miles (832km!).

Other than the range, both cars will own dual motor, all wheel drive and a top speed of 168mph (around 270km). Starting price for both versions will be at around $169,000. The performance model will come with standard 21-inch wheels, while the Range will get 19-inch wheels. These can be customized, though.

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