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Lynk & Co 09 – Volvo’s cooler SUV cousin


Lynk & Co was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2016. It is a project between the Swedish luxury carmaker Volvo and its Chinese owner Geely. Lynk prides itself on its mission on constant internet connectivity and innovative models, targeting the younger demographic.

Like Tesla, Lynk & Co is planning on using a direct-to-consumer sales model, in most markets. This can be a riskier way to go, as dealerships have been used as a common method of selling, but in some markets, it might just work. They had a little over 18,000 vehicle sales in July, and they had 37% sales growth in 2020.

Interior, comfort and tech

The Lynk and Co 09, the brand’s new flagship mid-size SUV, had its world premiere on June 19th, 2021, in Shanghai. As the model’s been developed in conjunction with Volvo Cars, it shares the Volvo SPA platform. The interior consists of a 12.3″ instrument cluster screen along with a 12.8″ head-up display, which is just bonkers. If this is not enough screen real estate, we are not done. There’s a 12″ screen that controls the entertainment and screen navigation, located in the front center. Under it, another 6″ screen that can control the air conditioning and similar functions. The front seats include heating and are electrically adjustable in 12 directions. Some of the materials have the feeling of carved stone, and look incredibly stylish, giving this car a luxurious, yacht-like feel. It might remind some users of the BMW X5.

lynk and co suv interior
Exterior and rumored specs

The front of the vehicle has large grills with frog eyes, a symbolic feature of Lynk & Co. The door handles fold out, and the vehicle will come with gorgeous 21-inch wheels. The side view is just as gorgeous, and it reminds us a little of the NIO ES8. This model will have three rows of seats.

The Chinese automaker has a range of 7 different models, labeled from 01 to 09, based on the size. According to reports from autohome.com.cn, 09 will come in three different variations: MHEV, HEV, and PHEV. All the versions will employ a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, 8-speed automatic Aisin transmission, and an all-wheel drive. The leaked pricelist states the following:

  • Base version: 299 800 yuan (around $46,200)
  • Mid-range version: 327 800 yuan (a little over $50,500)
  • High-end version: 336 800 yuan (a little over $51,900)

As per this article from carnewschina.com, the high-end version will be equipped with one-button remote parking, smartphone wireless charging, smartphone Bluetooth key, automatic highway lane changing, and automatic braking, among other things.

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