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vw id 4 blue

VW ID 4 - our favorite SUV pick

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mercedes benz eqe ev gray

Mercedes Benz EQE 400 - a bold and innovative design

With competitors left and right, design can not be neglected when it comes to premium models. In this post, we decided to review Mercedes EQE.

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mazda-mx-30-ev white

Mazda MX-30 – the first EV from Japanese carmaker

Mazda MX-30 EV will arrive this fall in California, starting at $34,645.

We are bound to be living in a future where we’re surrounded by electric vehicles, and the sooner the automotive companies realize this, the better outcome they can expect to have. Mazda is a little late to the party, but it has decided to follow the competition, and come up with its first EV. In this article, we’re gonna touch on their MX-30 EV model.


The car will come with one electric motor powering the front wheels, with 143 horsepower. Mazda will have two versions of this model: BEV and PHEV (Plug-In-Hybrid Version) that will pair the electric motor with a gasoline engine.

Some of the stats, taken from their website, include:

  • 36minutes of fast charging 20 to 80 percent
  • 35.5kWh battery
  • range of up to 199km (124 miles)
  • 0 – 100km/h in 9.7sec
  • top speed of 140 km/h

The car has got a 5-star ANCAP rating, and it possesses 10 airbags. For the battery size, and its range, the car is below the current standards. For example, Nissan Leaf has got 50% more range, and Chevy Bolt has got double the range. Also, the back seat of the car is somewhat small, and it does not include USB or 12V ports. Here’s the full brochure with vehicle information.

rear-hinged back doors with no doorknobs, similar to those found on the BMW i3

As for the interior, it is unique, not as screeny and flashy as some of the carmakers try to be. It’s intuitive, simple, elegant. The steering wheel looks seamless, and it reminds us of some of the wheels that Mercedes has.

The current performance metrics for this car are not impressive. With that in mind, this model can be an alternative to the oversaturated EV market. We have to keep in mind that this is their first iteration, so our expectations can not be as high as the current marketplace. We do expect them to catch up quickly.

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