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Mercedes EQE – mockery to the E-Class, or a new golden standard


Earlier this year Mercedes came out with the information about their new electric S class: Mercedes EQS. This stirred a lot of heat, as a lot of the people did not like the deviation of style in the new model. With that in mind, a lot of them liked the new Mercedes solely because of that. This story continues with Mercedes EQE, a new electric version of the beloved E-Class. EQE has a lot of similarities to the EQS, some of which we will touch on below.


When it comes to performance, Mercedes will have a couple of options. Their launch mode, the EQE 350, will have a single motor powering the rear wheels, making 292 horsepower. Afterward, they plan on releasing a twin-motor four-wheel-drive version. Lastly, for the performance junkies, Mercedes will release AMG edition with 670 horsepower. For a car of such size, this is more than enough power. Acceleration information has not yet been shared. It should not take EQE more than 7 seconds to get from 0 to 100km/h, considering that an entry model EQS with 333horsepower 2-wheel drive does it in 6.2 seconds.

Thanks to the special foam around the batteries and the motors, the driving experience will be smooth. This special foam is used for isolating the sounds and vibrations, that these parts sometimes make.


As for the battery, the capacity Mercedes EQE will offer is 90kWh. This means the car will deliver the range between 545km (340 miles) and 660km(412 miles). The range of EQE beats Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range. It offers fast charging, although not as powerful as Mercedes EQS does. Still, with up to 170kWh, this vehicle will be able to charge 150 miles in 15 minutes.


mercedes eqe

The Mercedes EQE is a whole new car, and it shares almost nothing with an E-Class from previous generations. The front nose is shorter due to no engine being there, and the wheelbase is longer due to the battery. It does resemble the S class of electric cars, Mercedes EQS. They look almost the same from the rear, with the swooping roofline and curvy doors. Unfortunately, the good looks took away some of the practicality. Namely, EQE has a 430-liter boot that is 110 liters smaller than the boot from the E-Class saloon. Also, it’s 25 liters smaller than the C-Class saloon’s boot.

mercedes eqe

All the steel in the body is recycled, resulting in a 60% reduction in steel carbon emissions. Mercedes-Benz car facilities and battery plants will all be carbon-neutral by 2022. The company plans to purchase its cells from carbon-neutral suppliers in the near future.


You will be able to buy this car with the futuristic Hyperscreen with 3 screens, in case that is your cup of tea. A lot of people loved this sort of interior in EQS when it came out. That means a 12.3-inch driver display, another display for the passenger(used primarily for multimedia), and a 17.7-inch touchscreen in the center. The touchscreen system works fast, thanks to the 8-core processor chip and 24GB of memory.

interior with standard option package
interior with MBUX Hyperscreen included

The Mercedes EQE is compatible with over-the-air updates, something Tesla has done for some time now. That means you won’t need to take it to a dealership in order to install the latest software.

Final Word

We’ve seen some negative impressions about the exterior design, but the number one problem this car has is the small boot storage. If Mercedes decides to change that in the future, the appeal for this car will increase. We like both the interior and the exterior of the car, and with its current performance metrics, we feel as though a lot of people will go with this luxury model. The entry model of Mercedes EQE is expected to cost around $80,000, which is one hell of a price. Can the brand justify the price?

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  1. It would seem that, as ever, Mercedes is unwilling to rest on its laurels that’s a joke for all the Mercedes nerds out there because the Vision EQXX which it teased on Wednesday looks pretty wild.

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