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vw id 4 blue

VW ID 4 - our favorite SUV pick

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mercedes benz eqe ev gray

Mercedes Benz EQE 400 - a bold and innovative design

With competitors left and right, design can not be neglected when it comes to premium models. In this post, we decided to review Mercedes EQE.

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NIO users reached 20 million battery swaps globally

The most recent battery swap milestone for NIO—20 million total battery swaps—was reached on April 3, 2023, when an NIO ES6 finished a battery swap at the NIO Power Swap station at the Wuchang Service Center in Hangzhou.

From the first to the 10,000,000th power transfer, it took more than four years, while the following 10,000,000 swaps only took nine months. NIO power swap accounted for over 60% of the electricity used by NIO vehicles as of February 5th of this year, and power swap has since emerged as the most popular method for NIO users to recharge their vehicles.

nio battery swaps

The service capacity of the swap station is also growing incredibly quickly, with an average of over 45,000 exchanges provided daily, which translates to an average of one NIO car leaving from the swap station with a full charge every 1.9 seconds.

nio battery swaps

Every power swap makes a difference in protecting our blue sky; 20 million power swaps can give customers access to approximately 5.106 billion kilometers of driving while reducing about 550,286 tons of carbon emissions, the same amount of carbon dioxide as 4.97 million fir trees absorbing over 30 years.

The power exchange offers battery upgrade services in addition to daily charging, making it simpler and more convenient for users to increase their vehicle’s range. NIO has upgraded 63,136 batteries for consumers so they can continue to benefit from advancements in battery technology.

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