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Porsche APP generating routes for the most passionate drivers

Porsche Taycan 2023

The renowned German manufacturer is known for making entertaining and compelling cars that entice you to drive them and make you feel like a member of a community when you do. Porsche released its ROADS app in 2019 with the same goal in mind. But now that the app has AI assistance thanks to a recent software update, it has intensified its effort to encourage customers to enjoy their drives.

Porsche enthusiasts enjoy driving their cars arguably more than fans of any other marque.

The ROADS app’s initial idea was rather straightforward. You could log in to the app, monitor your favorite drives, and share them with a global community regardless of the car or brand of your choice. Following that, other users might use Porsche ROADS to point them in the same direction. However, the software has now advanced by employing artificial intelligence to offer routes.

Porsche Roads App
ROADS by Porsche app, 2023, Porsche AG

According to Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer at Porsche AG, “The centerpiece of the new ROADS app is the generator for scenic routes.” It enables driving enthusiasts to quickly and easily find their own unique ideal route. A good route is determined by AI based on a variety of factors, including road curves, topography, and landscape.

Regardless of the brand or type of car you drive, you can log in to the app, monitor your favorite drives, and share them with a large community. Although most of car enthusiasts own or have owned a Porsche 911 at some point, ROADS can be just as productive for a Tesla or Kia EV6 owner. Yet as of late, the software has advanced by utilizing artificial intelligence to recommend routes.

Porsche Roads App

The designers of ROADS placed a high priority on intuitive user advice. Users of the app have a variety of alternatives for starting their journey through the fascinating routes thanks to the region-based dashboard. The most popular profiles in the route generator are easily accessible with the use of shortcuts, and dynamic filters can be utilized to generate acceptable routes for the upcoming drive.

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