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Rumors about Volkswagen ID.6 coming to Europe

Some of the people following the EV space are not aware of the fact that Volkswagen has an SUV bigger than the ID.4. We’re talking about 7-seater Volkswagen ID.6. Even though this model was developed solely for the Chinese market, in a recent report, the German brand is looking to expand the market to Europe.

Volkswagen Id.6

According to a recent Business Insider story, the business is considering importing Volkswagen ID.6 to Europe in a quantity of roughly 15,000 units per year, or 80,000 units over five years. The German manufacturer initially denied that the ID.6 would be sold outside of China (although some speculated that it would be sold in the United States), but it now appears that the ID.6 will be released in Europe.

The decision has not yet been made, but it will be addressed within the next few weeks. Following through with it can pose a challenge, as Volkswagen has never sold its China-manufactured vehicles in Europe.

If this goes through, it will be the first time Volkswagen decides to import a car from China to Europe. We’ve seen it implemented by some of the rivals: BMW (iX3) and Tesla (Model 3 and Model Y).

If Volkswagen ID.6 gets imported and finds its customer base, this will open new possibilities for the other manufacturers, pushing them to develop new 7-seater SUVs. Mercedes has already done it with EQB, Audi with Q7, but what about other brands? The market for 7-seaters is specific, but still not that saturated.

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