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Tesla is going up while the auto industry is going down

The performance of the US auto industry has been unpredictable ever since the outbreak of COVID. Semiconductor chip shortage, people that lost jobs, companies that shut down, all of this influenced the consumer approach towards buying what actually matters.

With that in mind, the Tesla brand seems to be capable of going up only. Compared to Q3 2020, the beloved carmaker experienced a 67% sales surge this quarter, in the US market. That is also 104% of pure growth, compared to Q3 2019, when there was no pandemic. Some of the other companies that had a stronger Q3 2021 than Q3 2020 were BMW, Lexus and Kia, but the difference was less than 10%. There’s a neat visualization on the image below, that is translated into percentages. Volume-wise, Tesla was up by about 100,000 deliveries.

Most of the car brands had a loss compared to the previous year’s quarter. Taken from CleanTechnica

On a year-to-year basis, sales of a number of automakers were down significantly. Chevrolet and Ford (down 162,392 and 140,437, respectively) bore the brunt of the suffering in terms of volume. Fiat and Chrysler experienced the highest percentage decreases (down 64% and 51%, respectively). However, there was a large list of businesses that were losing money.

According to Tesla’s report, the firm manufactured 237,823 automobiles until September 30, 2021. Model 3 and Y cars accounted for 228,882 of those, making them the company’s more inexpensive mid-range options. The remaining Model S and X automobiles manufactured totaled 8,941 units.

Tesla surpassed GMC, Lexus, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes, and these are no small brands too. Tesla is currently the country’s 11th best-selling brand, climbing six spots since 17th place in Q3 2020.

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