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Tesla Model Y new heights – China’s most sold EV for the month of August

One of the most widely-known Tesla models reaches new heights in the Middle East.

tesla model y

The closing month of the summer usually does not bring a lot of expectations with it, as people are ending their vacations and getting back into their modus of default state. With that in mind, Tesla has something to be proud of, and we’re going to review it why.

Even though Tesla didn’t set an all-time sales record in August for the market in China, it still accomplished something remarkable. Last month, the SAIC-GM-Wuling Hongguang Mini EV was defeated by the Tesla Model Y, which was far more reasonably priced, to claim the title of best-selling electric vehicle in China. This is a huge achievement, considering the fact that the Model Y falls into the “luxury” price bracket, costing 10 times more than the previous chart leader Hongguang Mini EV (priced around $4800).

The CPCA’s release of wholesale NEV sales data showed that the Tesla Model Y sold 62,169 units in August. In contrast, the Hongguang Mini EV sold 49,119 units, which is still remarkable but significantly less. And the third spot goes to BYD Song, which sold 42,500 units in August. The BYD Song is cheaper than the Tesla Model Y, just like it is the case with Hongguang Mini EV.

Hongguang Mini EV
Wuling Hongguang Mini EV exterior – pastel colors

This September, it should become clear how well the Tesla Model Y performs in the domestic Chinese market. Tesla China should concentrate on getting its best-selling cars to reservation holders as rapidly as possible since Giga Shanghai is building automobiles for local consumers.

BYD Song
BYD Song – Elegant-looking SUV EV
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