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Tesla Referral Program gets shut down

Tesla Referral program was a gamified way of obtaining new buyers via satisfied Tesla owners. For a while, the company relied on growth via their referral program, where the users would earn prizes for the new customers they bring. This was unsustainable, as Tesla was promising a Roadster for people with most referrals. More on that in this article.

About the Tesla Referral

Instead of spending money on marketing or advertising, the carmaker depended on its users to promote their vehicles. As a reward, they would get discounts, free charging miles, and even a new Roadster(that’s still not on the market). The system worked as a game, with checkpoints that needed to be reached, and rewards at each of them. People loved it.

tesla referral
taken from CleanTechnica, source

New customers would use referral links from Tesla owners when purchasing a Tesla, and both parties would receive these awards. Even though this type of marketing was fun to see, it was not sustainable in the long run. That was apparent when the Youtube star Ben Sullins earned two Tesla Roadsters with his referral link. Fans of Ben were happy, but the outsiders were infuriated. Not too long after, Elon Musk tweeted that he would be changing the program into giving free charging miles.

Tesla Referral program was not entirely killed, but the awards were reduced to 1,000 free Supercharging miles on both sides of the transaction.

The end of the Tesla Refferal – 2021.

On September the 18th, the company updated its website stating that it would not be accepting referrals for vehicle products and solar panels. The awards coming from Solar Roof sales will stay active, though.

“At this time, orders for Solar Roof are eligible for the Referral Program. To earn Referral awards, Solar Roof orders must be placed through your unique referral link. Note that referrals cannot be added after an order is placed, and awards are granted after the Solar Roof system receives permission to operate on the grid from your utility.

Friends and family who order Solar Roof through your referral link can earn $500 upon permission to operate, while also reducing reliance on the grid and producing clean solar energy. You will earn $500 for each Solar Roof referral.”


Tesla has built its name, and it does not need to gift free cars to users. They are the synonym for electric vehicles now. With that in mind, the referral program that they kept for Solar Roof is still a good idea, as it is not nearly as popular. This should give the company the little boost it needs.

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