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VW ID 4 - our favorite SUV pick

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Mercedes Benz EQE 400 - a bold and innovative design

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The Ambassador – Homage to the “King of Indian Roads”

The Ambassador is a vehicle manufactured by Hindustan Motors in India, that started all the way back in 1956. It was based on the Morris Oxford 3 series, a vehicle of similar parameters, designed and made in the UK. The Ambassador quickly boomed in India and was proclaimed the “King of Indian Roads”. The car was surprisingly roomy on the inside thanks to the semi-monocoque design which was something new at that time. Let’s see how Tugbotz Design, a Germany-based company, envisioned the Ambassador from the future.

The Ambassador 2021+

The Ambassador 2021

On Tugbotz’s Instagram page, this is how they presented the new model:

“The idea was to not only revive the Indian legend but re-interpret it in today’s modern context. While taking some cues from the original car the aim was to completely elevate the proportions and communicate its aristocratic nature, purposeful demeanor, unparalleled sense of security and a cocooned feeling for its occupants. Presenting to you, the rebirth of an Icon.”

Nowadays, the Ambassador is a well-respected vehicle thanks to the legacy it left behind. From high-ranking government officials and their families to taxis, the Ambassador was the vehicle of choice. It stayed in production for 56 years with little design modifications, and as a result, it became a milestone for the Indian automobile industry, staying loyal to its meaning. The Ambassador has been redesigned by a number of well-known Indian designers, including DC Design.

The Ambassador 2021

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