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Three Chinese electric SUVs you haven’t heard of

Sometimes it feels as though half of the electric vehicle market has come from China. We’re not just talking about companies that were founded there like Nio or Xpeng. We’re also talking about the brands like Polestar that have a Swedish heritage but are manufactured in this country.

The Chinese electric SUV space has certainly flourished, as this size of the vehicle is becoming the most popular one. Nio and Hongqi are home brands offering one of the best SUVs out there. Plus, there’s a variety of models to choose from, coming from all over the world: Audi e-tron, Volkswagen ID.4, Tesla Model X…

Anyways, the last couple of years have allowed for great progress in electric vehicle space. Batteries are getting more range, charging speeds are going up, safety features that were once a luxury are not considered standard… And although full autonomy has not been reached yet, we are on a road towards it. In this article, we want to touch on a few cars that many people have not heard off, that offer a lot for their price points. Stay tuned.

Aiways U5

  • sold in two variants: Standard and Premium
  • top speed 160 km/h, 200 horsepower
  • acceleration 0-100 km/h in 7.8 seconds
  • 63kW battery, WLTP Range 400km (249 miles)
  • fast DC charging 20%-80% in under 40 minutes
  • front-wheel drive only
  • 1720 kg Standard / 1770 kg Premium weight of the vehicle
  • 432 litres cargo

The front mask is not very striking, and even with LED lights included, it just looks plain. The charger for this car is located under the left headlight, which is new. The back of the car presents a more updated look, with one long LED stripline running under the rear window, with the company’s name carved under it.

Aiways U5 interior

The interior, on the other hand, looks refreshing and sharp. With rectangular-shaped details, it reminds us of a Jeep or Land Rover, and it certainly feels premium. Aiways U5 has a total of 4 screens: a 12.3-inch main infotainment screen and a combination of 3 screens positioned in front of the driver.

Pricing in Europe: 38.990 euros Standard / 41.990 euros Premium (visit here to see the difference between the two).

Safety Features

The Aiways U5 is equipped with a variety of active and passive safety measures as well as convenience features.
It comes equipped with twelve ultrasonic radars, five HD cameras, three-millimeter wave radars, and two inside cameras, allowing for full digital sight all around.
Furthermore, six airbags and a variety of modern safety features keep you safe.
Other safety measures prevent theft and aid in an emergency, and the passenger compartment meets Euro NCAP’s five-star specifications. Some of the safety features include:

  • Traffic jam assistant
  • Blind spot detection (BSD)
  • Automatic emergency braking (AEB)
  • Forward collision warning (FCW)
aiways u5

Go to Aiways website for updated pricing models.

Skyworth EV6

  • comes in 4 different model specifications
  • acceleration 0-100 km/h in 7.9 seconds
  • two battery options: 55kWh and 72kWh
  • driving range 410km (255km) for the smaller / 520km (320 miles) for the larger battery
  • Front-wheel drive
  • gross weight of 1820-1920kg
  • boot capacity of 467 liters

Initially named ET5, Skyworth EV6 is a car coming from a joint venture by bus manufacturer Skywell group and electronics manufacturer Skyworth Group.

Dimension-wise, the body size of Skyworth EV6 is 4698mmX1908mmX1696mm, and the wheelbase is 2800mm. There’s a thin strip following the car’s overall line, covering the radiator mask.

The car’s front end retains the “Bauhaus” design language, with the radiator mask featuring a blackened thin strip that matches the car’s overall front line. It has a lot of layers, a lot of lines, and a basic layout. In terms of technology, the Skyworth EV6 has Skyworth’s SkyLink intelligent network connection system, which is the company’s first smart home management solution for large-screen environments. At home, the user may operate the air conditioner, seat, window, car start, vehicle charging, and other functions of the vehicle. In addition, in the automobile at home, the user may manage the TV, computer, air conditioner, audio, and other domestic TV equipment.

A 12.3-inch central suspension central control panel and a three-spoke multifunctional sports steering wheel are standard on the Skyworth EV6. The mix of wood grain ornamental panels, piano lacquer decorative components, and leather utilized in the inside materials creates a high-end and delicate sensation that makes people feel like they’re in a luxury automobile.

In any case, if Skyworth’s growth in the United States fails, Europeans may strike it rich. The Skyworth EV6 will also be marketed in Germany as the renamed Elaris Beo. Skyworth appears to be attempting to flee the Chinese EV industry, which has over 600 EV companies and fierce competition, to less congested Western markets. This is their German website, where the starting price goes from 41.925 euros.

Hycan 007

  • launched under three versions: Base, Plus, and Top
  • top speed of 170km/h
  • two battery pack options: 73kWh and 93kWh
  • acceleration 0-100km/h in 8.2 seconds
  • NEDC range: 520km (320 miles) / 630km (390 miles)
  • DC fast charging from 30% to 80% in 33 minutes
  • 2030kg weight
  • physical virtual assistant, located above the main infotainment screen, called Little Kan AI, that’s based heavily on NIO’s Nomi
  • V2V and V2L functionality – you can use the power of this car to charge electronic devices

Under the combined name Hycan, Chinese manufacturers GAC and Nio have introduced their first electric vehicle on the Chinese market.
The two Chinese partners are introducing just electric cars and plug-in hybrids under the new Hycan brand (known in China as New Energy Vehicles, NEVs).

Perhaps the best looking out of the three, Hycan offers great comfort with a responsive drive. LED daylights and headlights, as well as automatic lights and adaptive high beam assist, are just some of the details that make the experience of this car that much better.

The “007” is designed to be a human-friendly full-electric SUV, and it includes a number of smart technologies, including the Level 2 plus intelligent driving functions, the smart voice assistant dubbed “Little Kan,” the “flying shuttle” display with two 12.3-inch screens and a 10.1-inch screen, the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system, and the vital sign monitoring device. That’s not all. If you have a DJI drone, you can connect it with Hycan 00u8

The price in China is ranging from 262,600RMB (35,200 eur) to 303,000RMB (40,600 eur). If they decide to expand the market to Europe, European prices are going to be higher, probably putting the base model of this car close to 40,000 euros.

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