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VW ID 4 - our favorite SUV pick

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Mercedes Benz EQE 400 - a bold and innovative design

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Volkswagen is in on wireless charging

Wireless charging is a beast many are trying to tackle, but very few are able of actually developing. In a perfect world, charging your car with a cable should not exist. It’s like what happened with smartphones: we used cables to charge them for as long as necessary until wireless charging technology got developed. The biggest difference between the two is the actual size, which poses a problem. When can we expect a fully operational wireless charging pad that takes less than a day to charge the vehicle?

wireless charging

Genesis GV60, which is due towards the end of next year fiddles with these technologies, and it announced the optionality of wireless charging of their vehicle.

The US Department of Energy operates Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is situated near Knoxville, Tennessee. It is focused on developing wireless charging technology as one of its many purposes and has just licensed its newest system to HEVO of Brooklyn, NY, which will focus on commercializing it.

ORNL has announced a collaboration with Volkswagen’s Knoxville Innovation Hub and the University of Tennessee to develop wireless charging for production vehicles. Whereas formerly wireless charging systems could only deliver 6.6 kW of electricity, the devices ORNL is developing today can deliver 120 kW, with the objective of reaching 300 kW, which would be enough to charge a Porsche Taycan to 80 percent SOC in around 10 minutes.

“Highly efficient wireless charging is a breakthrough technology that can alleviate EV range anxiety and facilitate the U.S. effort to decarbonize the transportation sector,” said Xin Sun, associate laboratory director for energy science and technology at ORNL. “We are excited to see another one of our technologies move into the private sector where it can create new green jobs and support the nation’s clean energy goals.” (source)

New technologies are always fun, especially when being worked on by a large number of different companies. Everyone sells their own vision of the future, and it’s up to the customer to decide which way to go. Check out Nissan’s utopian vision that enables autonomous electric vehicles, wireless charging, and flexible grids to all work together, ensuring that “no renewable energy goes to waste”.

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