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VW Group CEO remarks the shortcomings of IONITY charger network

A couple of days ago, on his LinkedIn account, Andreas Gross, Volkswagen’s Spokesperson for E-Mobility shared a story of a trip he took with his family in the VW ID 3. The route co

Andreas Gross, Volkswagen’s Spokesperson for E-Mobility, posted an account of a trip he took with his family in the VW ID 3 with 58kWh Battery (an electric hatch that’s a big hit in Europe, but sadly deemed too small to sell in the US). The trip took  around 2800 kilometers, and it included passing through Berlin, München, Brenner’s pass all the way down to  Italy’s Lake Garda. His report on the trip and all the public charging facilities is mostly positive.

To add onto the story, one of the comments left on Gross’s post was from Herbert Diess itself, CEO of VW Group. He mentioned taking a somewhat similar trip, but with much less excitement and a couple of complaints on the current state of things:

“Too few charging points at the Brenner! Only 4 –and all of them located in different shopping centres. Always occupied as well,” wrote Diess. “No toilet, no coffee, one charging post out of service/defective—a sad state of affairs. This is anything but a premium charging experience, IONITY!”

This comment received mostly positive feedback, as Volkswagen is one of the owners of the IONITY joint venture, and Diess is arguably the most EV-savvy CEO of any automaker at the moment.

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