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When will BMW 7 have its EV variant?

BMW i7
BMW i7

There’s been a lot of talk about the BMW 7 Series, or the new i7 (electric version) and its date of release. It is expected to come out somewhere in 2023, and the company is claiming it to be the “world’s first purely electrically powered luxury sedan”. Obviously, they missed the Mercedes EQ series.

A recent stream of photos has flooded the internet, as the vehicle is being trialed in its winter test center in Arjeplog, Sweden.

Germans appreciate optionality, so the new BMW 7 will come with gasoline, diesel, plug-in or an electric powertrain. The electric 7 Series will be powered by BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive technology, which is already in use in the iX electric SUV. The quiet vehicle is presently being tested in sub-zero conditions to ensure that the battery and temperature management system are up to the task in such a difficult environment. At the same time, experts are keeping an eye on the friction brakes and the energy recovery system’s automated deceleration.

AutoBild produced a story claiming to have firsthand knowledge about BMW’s future flagship electrified three-box model. First, we have to mention the i7’s power output, which is claimed to be 650 PS (about 640 horsepower) putting it on par with the AMG version of the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz EQS.

The i7 might potentially come with a massive 120 kWh battery pack, giving it a maximum range of 700 km (434 miles) on a single charge, according to the source. There will also be a lower-powered variant that will use the i4’s motor and 80 kWh battery, but with a range of roughly 30% less than the larger battery pack.

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