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XPeng G9 SUV unveiled – promising features, bold looks

At the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, XPeng uncovered the biggest vehicle out of them all, by the name G9. This is going to be the fourth model in the whole lineup, and also the company’s biggest SUV (there is XPeng G3 that is a smaller, crossover SUV). Other vehicles that come from this company include P5, P7 and G3.

Xiaopeng is one of the more promising EV companies from China, sitting alongside BYD and NIO. This year we have seen it expand its P7 model to Norway, for one. September and October were the months where Xpeng surpassed 10,000 deliveries, and we think the trend will continue.

Our new G9 smart SUV represents a new level of sophistication with a global perspective, and an essential part of exploration for smarter, greener, and sustainable mobility. – He Xiaopeng, XPENG CEO and Chairman.

Xpeng G9 Front

Design-wise, the led strip running across the front part is a signature from XPeng, and we like how it looks. There are two LiDAR units neatly integrated alongside daylights, combining new technology with seamless design. This looks much better than WM M7, which has 3 LiDAR sensors pointing out. The SUV has flush door handles, and it is probable that it will come in two options: as a 5-seater and a 7-seater.

Xpeng G9 Side
New Technology

Xpeng G9 will be the first EV to feature X-Pilot 4.0 advanced driver assistance system thanks to 508 TOPS (Tera operations per second) computing power thanks to two NVIDIA Orin-X autonomous driving SoC units. This patented driving system works from EV charging to parking, bringing us one step closer to fully autonomous driving in the future. The vehicle will be built on XPeng’s new X-EEA 3.0 architecture, a unique electric vehicle platform that combines hardware, software, and communications. Xpeng G9 will be able to receive firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades in as little as 30 minutes, according to the carmaker, thanks to gigabit ethernet connectivity.


The car was designed from an international perspective. It meets the strict EU WVTA vehicle certification criteria, as well as the C-NCAP and E-NCAP 5-star safety design standards.

Xpeng G9 also satisfies the standards for EU 3R certification, a worldwide benchmark for environmental protection regulations, with a reusability rate of over 85 percent and a recyclable rate of over 95 percent, in accordance with XPENG’s commitment to greener, safer, and more sustainable transportation.

Xpeng G9 Rear

In the reveal, the Chinese carmaker announced that the car will be equipped with the new-generation XPower 3.0 powertrain system and China’s first 800V high-voltage mass-production SiC platform. As a consequence, XPeng G9 will be able to charge up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) in five minutes, with a maximum energy efficiency of over 95%.

XPeng also announced the release of lightweight 480 kW high-voltage supercharging piles with a 670A+ flow rate capacity and IP67 protection to make charging safer and more convenient.

While these new technologies are intriguing (particularly for customers in China and Europe), XPeng omitted many of the specifications such as the powertrain, range, etc. We will have to speculate until we get a definite answer from the company.

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