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Zeekr delivered over 2000 units in November

Zeekr is a new brand operating under the wing of Geely, a well-known Chinese multinational automotive company. What will differentiate Zeekr from other electric vehicle manufacturers is the care and attention to the dated models. The company just recently started selling its first model, but once it becomes old, they want it to run and be functional for as long as possible. Zeekr stated it will only produce pure electric vehicles.

It will prioritize software in order to develop services that will keep all Zeekr models current and competitive. Zeekr automobiles will be offered online and in experience centers around China, with hopes to spread to Europe and North America in the future. Future clients will be able to design and build automobiles according to their specifications using these platforms.

Zeekr 001

Zeekr 001
Zeekr 001 front

Zeekr has delivered 2,012 units to clients in more than 150 locations throughout China just six months after revealing its all-electric 001 model at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Zeekr 001 is a 5-door executive electric vehicle hiding plenty of power under the hood. According to Geely, the vehicle can generate 400kw of power reaching up to 768 Nm of torque. Acceleration from a dead stop to 100 km/h can be done in just 3.8 seconds, thanks to the dual-motor setup. Zeekr 001 comes with a 100kWh Z-battery that charges to 80% within 30 minutes with 712 km of range, based on the NEDC.

The side of the car is very reminiscent of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, while the front mask and headlights have frog eyes, something we’ve seen Lynk&Co do.

Zeekr 001
Zeekr 001 back

The vehicle comes in three variants, and you can find all the necessary details for them below.

AspectZeekr 001 WE dual-motorZeekr 001 WE single-motorZeekr 001 YOU dual-motor
Drivetrain LayoutAWDRWDAWD
No. of MotorsTwoOneTwo
Power400 kW200 kW400 kW (536 hp)
Torque768 Nm384 Nm768 Nm (566 lb.-ft.)
Battery Pack Energy Content86 kWh100 kWh100 kWh
Acceleration (0-62 mph)3.8 seconds6.9 seconds3.8 seconds
Range (NEDC)526 km (327 miles)712 km (442 miles)606 km (377 miles)
Price$ 43,983$ 43,983$ 56,349
The table is taken from TopElectricSUV

Customers of Zeekr will be able to use a Zeekr charging station at a number of places around China, including nine major cities. Third-party charging ports have been added to Zeekr in 211 cities to provide a hassle-free and smooth charging experience for all Zeekr users.

Zeekr claims it would release five additional “luxury electric vehicles” in the next five years, and company executives have previously said that they want to expand into Europe. The 001 is described as the “most exciting EV in a generation” by the company.

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