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Zeekr electric SUV “X” launched – over 300 miles of range, under $30k

Zeekr electric SUV “X” was formally introduced on Wednesday. With a starting price as low as $28,000 (189,800 yuan) and a range of up to 348 miles, the Zeekr X is poised to compete in China before going on sale in Europe with premium automakers like the booming Tesla.

Zeekr, a luxury EV manufacturer owned by Geely and founded in 2021, has been aggressively expanding its brand in China’s electric vehicle sector. The firm has significantly grown since introducing the Zeekr 001 sedan, its first luxury EV model, and added the Zeekr 009 premium multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) to its zero-emission roster earlier this year.

zeekr electric suv x

Due to the high demand for its electric vehicle, Zeekr doubled its EV sales last year. The Chinese EV manufacturer said that it would enter Europe and introduce two new electric cars. On its Weibo social media page, Zeekr announced the launch of the new electric SUV and shared the complete specs as well as a video.

The new X will include advanced amenities often found in high-end vehicles with a starting price of about $27,600 in China. Zeekr electric SUV X will have capabilities including facial recognition and an optional in-vehicle refrigerator, according to the company’s chief executive Any An, who had an interview with Reuters. The Zeekr X will be powered by two e-motors and a 66 kWh battery, producing up to 422 horsepower (315 kW) and 400 lb-ft (543 Nm) of torque, according to the press announcement.

Zeekr 001 interior

ZEEKR is dedicated to being a user-driven tech company. The company will establish a fresh ecosystem that places users at the center of innovation-focused operations. Through innovations driven by user experiences, user ecology, and a user shareholding strategy, the brand will dismantle barriers between users and the brand through its distinctive business model. As part of its goal to produce 40,000 units this year, Zeekr claims it will begin shipping the new electric SUV to China in June.

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